Senior High School Voucher Refund

On January 18, 2019, I received a text message from my daughter’s school that the subsidy from Deped Voucher Program (1st semester S.Y. 2018-2019) has been credited to my daughter’s account. I asked what the process is in order to refund. I was told that I should go to the cashier to get a refund form.

Last week, I went to my daughter’s school and asked for a refund form. I was so surprised to find out that I will be getting a refund of PhP9,000 for the first semester. I thought it was only PhP7,000 because my daughter came from a private school in the province.

There are documents that I need to submit in order to claim the refund. It’s good that I was able to keep the official receipts for my daughter’s reservation and enrollment for the first semester. As for the assessment/registration form, I need to get a certified true copy from the Registrar’s office.

I am glad that DepEd has released the subsidy early this year. Admittedly, education is expensive with the addition of two years in High School.

Thanks to the Senior High School Voucher program. This is money I can save and add to my daughter’s college fund.

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  1. can i also get a full regund that i paid for my grafuating sr. high dchool student bec we did not use a voucher from gr.11-12. what are the requirements

    1. The SHS voucher has to be applied during grade 10 so your child can avail of a subsidy. I am not aware of any guidelines regarding refunding if one was not able to avail. All of the guidelines that I read in DepEd website state that you have to apply for it before senior high school because DepEd releases the subsidy starting second sem.

  2. I enrolled a school now. Can i ask if i can still refund my voucher and enroll to other school since were going to move a place and its hectic because its far.

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