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I have always dreamed of having my own business. So last year, I attended a franchising seminar in the SMX Convention Center. I initially wanted to have a food cart business.  After that, I also interviewed my staff who previously had a food cart business. He mentioned that he needed a revolving capital for the first six months of the operation. Then, I realized that I wasn’t really ready to have a business.

In my desire to have extra income, I researched different options. I read forums that I found in Google search until I discovered DV Boer Farm (  in one of the threads that I stumbled upon. I researched the company and reached out to the contact person via email. Here is the SEC registration of DV Boer Farm as posted on Facebook.

The contact person introduced me to  profitable agricultural business program for beginners. She also sent me sample contracts of the different packages that they offer.  That’s when I was introduced to a new concept, landless farming.

In this agri-business venture, I, the Paiwi partner, availed the services and farm facilities of DV Boer Farm as provided for under its  Profitable Goat Raising Livelihood Program. Basically, in this venture, I availed 30 upgraded does and DV Boer Farm will take care of them for me for the duration of the contract which is 35 months.

The Paiwi Partner will earn based on the sale of the kids. There are four kidding cycles so there will be four payouts. At the end of the contract, DV Boer Farm  will buy the 30 breeding does.

Last year, I was able to avail this package at Php 290,000. And it is good that I made that decision. I haven’t visited the farm where I availed my package since it is in Iloilo. I just asked for a picture of my goats. Meet my goats. =)

I had my first payout this year.  Please see proof of first payout below.

How much do I earn from this venture? I will earn a total of 122% interest after 35 months.

Starting next year, the availment package will be reduced to Php 160,000 and earnings will be 45% interest after 35 months.

With this agri-business venture, I have a notarized contract which stipulates all the terms and conditions of DV Boer Farm.  With regards to payout schedules, they are posted in the Paiwi Online web application.

The company is legitimate and has subfarms throughout the country.

I must say I am glad I availed this package. I still have my job in the company I work for and I have passive income.

I would still like to have my own business someday. I just need more preparation. As of the moment, I will keep the passive income separate and continue to re-invest the income I earn from it.

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  1. Hi Katherine, thanks for putting up this blog, and sharing your experiences. I’m sure a lot of people would find all this information very helpful (as much as I do). Really practical and insightful. Looking forward to your next post. All the best!

  2. Have joined dv boer today, some people I know are still skeptic. They say it’s too good to be true.. I guess I’ll find out after 12 months. Fingers crossed.

    1. Congrats Kel! That is definitely a good move. I believe you were still able to get the good rates. Starting next year, the total roi for goat paiwi will be 45%.

  3. The paiwi has been reduced to 45% from 101% return in 3 years. I don’t think they’re doing good in business as it seems the “investors” are no longer happy hence stepping out as a partner.

    The primary reason of lowering the return is due to get more people involve in the business. This is crap, they can’t even buy a 5000 worth of stocks and they’re expecting to get 160K with one-time payment and long holding period.

    15 per annum is just to low for the trust shared. I would suggest to invest in FARMON and you’ll get your capital in 7-8 mos + 17% return on that window.

    Just my 2 cents.

  4. Hi,
    Like you I have invested in Paiwi but I was to disheartened when they lower their profits. Which I understand for a business to strive. I noticed that you invested in Vidalia, just wondering if you can share your experience and also was it as seamless and did you get the profit already? Right now, 18% ROI for a year is better compared to 15% ROI in Dv Boer. Farmon is better too, though it can be a drag especially when the weather is not permitting.

    1. Hi Marc. My experience with Vidalia was smooth. As for the profit, I decided to roll over. I will add to that investment this month and lock it for one year to get the 18% interest. I did invest in Farmon for some time.

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