Financial Awareness

There are things I wish that were taught in college. One of it is personal finance. I admit that I knew nothing about investments when I started working. All I knew was that I need to save. I have experienced saving when I was young and still studying. My dad encouraged us to save. Whatever we saved, he would double it. I was addicted to saving because of the interest that I would get from my dad.

Finishing college education and working opened a whole new world to me. Real life education started. Yes, I had a job. I did account for where my money went and I tried to save. I started working as a Programmer in one of the software companies in Ortigas Center. I managed to save especially when I rented bed space in Pasig.

I got married and had a family of my own. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I became a single mom by choice. Another unfortunate event happened in my life and I found myself leaving my parents’ house. I found a one-bedroom condominium unit to rent and started raising my daughter all on my own way back in 2008.

Yes, there was child support. It did help. I was lucky I got a stint to become an independent Oracle DBA consultant which allowed me to work from home and earn in US dollars. Full of ambition to give my daughter a good life, I vowed to myself that I had to make it all on my own.

The journey wasn’t smooth. I started reading blogs on personal finance and educated myself. I bought personal finance books and devoured the knowledge I gained from it.


I just did not read these books. I started applying what I learned from it. Slowly, I zeroed out my debt. I finished paying my housing loan back in 2014.

I did not have the time to attend seminars because of the nature of my work. But it did not stop me to learn. I still continuously invest on my knowledge by buying personal finance books and educating myself on best practices.

It has been almost a decade since I left my parents’ house. It was a blessing in disguise. I am still living independently from them as a single mom and raising my daughter all on my own.

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