Building My Retirement Fund

Retirement is one of my worries as a single parent even though I know I have been funding it. Why does it worry me? I know how my father’s SSS pension is not enough for his monthly needs. He still works as a consultant to augment his and my mom’s daily needs.

After having attended the Associate Financial Planner’s Training early this year, I was able to compute how much I will need for my retirement. With that, I decided to find more ways to build my retirement fund.

Retirement is something I would really like to look forward to.  Having that said, here are the things that I have been doing in order to build my retirement fund.

1.  I have been investing in the stock market through Citisec Online since 2014.  I will continuously invest in the stock market.

2. I availed of Sun Life’s My Future Fund 2040 two years ago. I am paying for it on a quarterly basis. My annual premium is P48,000.  I lessened the insurance coverage on my My Future Fund 2040 so that the premiums will be placed on the investment.

3. Our company has a retirement plan and mutual savings fund. I became eligible after one year of continuous service in the company. In this plan, my employer will contribute 4% of my basic salary on a monthly basis. If I reach three years tenure, my employer will contribute 5% of my basic salary on a monthly basis.

On top of that, I enrolled in our company’s mutual savings fund. I am currently contributing 2% of my monthly basic salary. I plan to increase this once my daughter finishes college education, which is six years from now.

Vesting starts at 30% for at least three years of service, increasing 10% per additional year of service from years 4 to 10. Full vesting is attained at 10 years of service.

4. Since the stock market is volatile, I researched for other alternative investments and discovered Vidalia Lending Corporation (  With this company, you can invest in loans. It is like FundKo. The difference of Vidalia Lending Corporation is that it is a managed peer-to-peer lending company. You don’t have to choose who to lend money to since it is the company who will do it for you. They also handle the collection of loans.

Vidalia Lending Corporation guarantees returns on your investment. You can earn as much as 18% in interest earnings for a 12 month term. For this year, I invested P72,000 for three months with an interest rate of 3.5%.

Upon placement of my investment, I received an email with my investment confirmation. Instead of having the check delivered to my house, I opted to pick it up in Vidalia Lending Corporation’s office.

After this initial investment placement matures, I plan to re-invest it for another three months. Why not re-invest for one year? I plan to add to this placement on January 2019 when my remaining leaves are encashed. That is the time when I will invest it on a twelve month term.

I know I can make additional investments anytime. I just want to be organized and have a single check for this purpose. I want to be able to track my retirement fund in an organized manner.

All these four items comprise my retirement fund. Some people may think I am uptight. Reality is I have only myself to rely on. It is better to have a plan for this very big goal.

Retirement is something I would really like to look forward to.  It would be the stage in my life that I would like to see myself be involved in charitable causes.

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  1. Hi Ms Katherine, where is the My Future Fund invested, psei? Or do dey pick non blue chip stocks. My company has a similar retirement plan and my stocks portfolio is for retirement. I’ll check out the website of vidalia, looks like an interesting option to add to.

  2. I think you’re lucky that your company matches retire fund savings. Will investigate whether there’s a similar thing where I work. I do know that most employees contribute to the cooperative, which is a different thing but they get dividends back.

      1. Hi Ma’am Katherine,

        Cool to know you’re great doing Vidalia. How about your experience with FundKo, any updates po?

        Many thanks and cheers!

          1. Wow! Cool … mind giving few tips? I realized I just opened a FundKo account few months back but never statted funding it, mainly due for not yet knowing the needed tricks … will appreciate if you’ll throw in few tios …

            Many thanks and cheers! 😉

          2. Well, there is no trick. It is about what you can risk. Read the loan purpose and decide who you want to lend money to. Also, factor the credit rating of each borrower.

  3. Hi Mam Katherine, I find your blog really interesting and genuinely created to help and share information. I have a few funds that I wish I could use for some passive income activity but the thing is I know little about investing. The Vidalia attracts my attention but still, I’m anxious on trying since its my first time to do such thing and I consider my capital a hard earned money. I am trying to seek more information about this company but there were only few reviews on the internet. I know investing is about taking risk but would you mind if you can rate the risk I will be taking if I invest in Vidalia on a scale of 1-10.

    Thank you and Have a blessed day!

    1. Hi Latifa. I would rate it as 2 out of 10. Why? It’s a managed peer-to-peer lending, meaning they manage everything up to collection. I have a pdf
      that I can share with you if you need to see how they are able to give the guaranteed ROI. Where can I send the pdf file?

  4. Hi Katherine,

    I just chanced upon your blog and it is very informative for someone wanting to diversify his portfolio. Thank you.

    I am now thinking of trying Fundko and Vidalia as I feel I am not ready yet for the stock market.

    Do both provide written terms, some sort of security to assure their investors that they are legit? Were you able to get your initial investment and earnings from Vidalia?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Seb. FundKo comes with a loan agreement that you have to sign digitally to give you protection. For Vidalia, they will give you a confirmation advice
      once you have placed your investment. This is an example of what you will get.

      Please be informed that we have enrolled your account.

      In accordance with your instructions, we confirm having placed your funds as follows:
      —————————— —————————— —————————— —————————-
      Instrument : Vidalia Loan Investment
      Security : Clean (CLN)
      Principal : PHP 72,000.00
      Maturity Amount : PHP 74,520.00
      Term : 03 months
      Value Date : XXXXXXX
      Maturity Date : XXXXXX
      Rate : 3.50%
      Processing Fee : 0.00%
      Management Fee : 0.00%
      —————————— —————————— —————————— —————————-
      pre-termination fees = 10% of principal

      Please find attached confirmation advice as proof of your investment.

      Thank you and we look forward to a fruitful business relationship!

      I hope this information helps.

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