Goat Paiwi Program: My Passive Income Update

This is an update of my blog post on my passive income.

Yesterday was the date that I am supposed to get my second payout on the Goat Paiwi that I participated in two years ago. So did Ranger Farm give my payout as scheduled? The answer is a big YES.

You can see below the schedule of my payout. There is also a note that I have to confirm once it is verified.

According to the person that I spoke to via messenger, they deposited the check to my BDO account yesterday. Since it is holiday today, the amount will be reflected to my account tomorrow. Below is the proof that they made the deposit yesterday. I blurred some details. Once the check deposit is cleared, I will confirm everything in my dashboard.

Overall, I am satisfied with Ranger Farm. They are on time and they really do communicate with me.