2019 Goals

Happy New Year!

It is so common to have New Year’s resolutions. I used to do them when I was young. I just don’t do it anymore. Instead of doing New Year’s resolutions, I am going to list down the tasks that I need to be able to do for this year.

  1. Have my house in Cavite assessed to be able to file the correct real property tax. I bought this property way back in 2008 and it turns out that I have been only paying the real property tax for the land. So, I will have to complete the documents and ask my personal assistant to help me in submitting the documents and have the improvements assessed.
  2. Update my holographic will.
  3. Open a savings account for my short term vacation fund. This should be a different bank. There is no need to budget for this every month. If there is extra money, I will fund this so that I can dip into this fund if I need to go on a short local vacation.
  4. Open a savings account for my passive income. This should be a passbook savings account so that I can track all my passive income in one place.
  5. Continue to contribute to my company’s mutual fund savings.
  6. Find ways to help my parents pay their debts.

This is going to be enough for this year. I don’t want a long list since I also need to be realistic about what I can achieve for this year.